Revolutionizing humanitarian fundraising

Odyfund is a platform that allows any individual, charity or NGO to launch their own fundraising campaigns. These campaigns run on Ethereum Smart Contracts and are fully manageable from the Dashboard. Stay tuned for our Beta version coming soon.

What makes the Odytoken a great asset?

Odytokens will be the currency of our users' fundraising campaigns. Every user will be able to easily convert major cryptocurrencies to Odytokens with our Internal Exchange, accessible from the dashboard. Thanks to our Monetary Policy, linked to our Exchange and our Reserves, the demand for Odytokens will stay high. Check our whitepaper for more details.


The first Humanitarian Emergency Fund in cryptocurrencies

Created to bring urgent funds anywhere in the world when necessary. 52.5% of our Token Sale will be allocated to the Emergency Fund. After the platform is launched, 50% of profit will go to the Fund.

Get whitelisted now and enjoy a 50% bonus on Pre-ICO

Transparency & Trust

Our Transparency Policy is here to bring trust on how the platform, the Emergency Fund and our reserves are runned. Read our whitepaper to learn more.


Tokens Distribution

Tokens for the team will be vested for 4 years with a 12.5% unlocking every 6 months.

Funds Allocation




Token nameOdytoken

Token symbolODY


Emission40,000,000 ODY

Sold during ICO52.5% (21,000,000 ODY)

Soft cap$500,000

Hard cap$18,600,000

Accepted currienciesETHBTC

Pre-sale informations

DateApril 15th, 2018 to May 15th, 2018

Open to everyone*

Tokens to be distributed1,200,000 ODY

* Whitelisting & KYC required

Minimum individual participation

~ $10

Maximum individual participation

~ $50,000

Main-sale informations

DateJune 15th, 2018 to July 15th, 2018

Open to everyone*

Tokens to be distributed19,800,000 ODY

* Whitelisting & KYC required

Minimum individual participation

~ $10

Maximum individual participation

~ $25,000

Bonus prices (rates per cryptocurrency will be published before the ICO)

Pre-event price50% bonus - $100 = 150ODY

Phase 1
35% bonus - $100 = 135ODY

Phase 2
25% bonus - $100 = 125ODY

Phase 3
20% bonus - $100 = 120ODY

Phase 4
10% bonus - $100 = 110ODY

Phase 5
30,500+ ETH
No bonus - $100 = 100ODY

Official Papers

We invite you to dive into our whitepaper to discover how our platform will work and learn about our Transparency Policy.


We have great projects for Odyfund and you can find below our timeline to implement them.

As a community-driven platform, we expect many ideas from our users will come enrich this Roadmap.


Renaud Breviere

CEO - Co-founder

Renaud has a 10 year experience as Asset Manager for major French banks and has been the CEO of a crypto-business for 3 years.

Vicktor Lisenkov

Solidity Developer

Vicktor has a 15 years experience in web development and is now an expert in blockchain & smart contracts since 2013.

Emmanuelle Morand

Designer - Communication

Emmanuelle is a communication and event expert. She has been working since 1998 for corporations, non-profits and labels. She is also our Chief Happiness Officer.

Jovanel Herlem

Funds & Reserves Manager

Jovanel has graduated from EDHEC, one of the top business management school in France. He worked for the past 8 years as a financial advisor. His insight is precious for the management of our funds & reserves.

Steven Desmet

CFO - Co-founder

Steven is a financial expert who has a 5 years experience as the CFO of a French company. He is the guarantor of our Transparency Policy.

Arnaud Duboust

Fullstack Developer

Arnaud is a fullstack developer. He has 7 years of experience. He has worked with great French companies and has studied with HETIC, the top French web school.

Raphaël Lefebvre

Community & Partners Relations

Raphaël has been a Community Manager for the past 8 years and is working for one of the biggest entertainment company in France. Social networks have no secrets for him.


Mykola Vdovychenko

Legal Advisor

Mykola is a lawyer specialized in Blockchain, IT and cyber law. He has consulted many blockchain companies and ICOs.