Thank you for your interest in the Odyfund project.

This page allows you to whitelist your Ethereum address in prevision for our Token Generation Event.
You will receive an email to confirm we have verified your documents.

Why do we ask for your ID?

By knowing its source of funding, Odyfund can have much more credibility for its operations, such as being in compliance with EU laws and find great exchanges to be listed on.

Do not use an address from an exchange or a Smart Contract, you wouldn't receive your Odytokens. We recommend you to use MEW or Metamask. If you pay with Ethereum, you must send your ETH from this address. If you wish to change your Ethereum address before your participation, you'll need to send again your whitelisting application. Please be careful and triple-check that you have access to this address to avoid any loss of funds. Contact us in the chat if you have any question.
If despite your whitelisting you do not participate in our TGE, your documents will be erased.
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